IMG_2257Dear Sister,

Things that we all so often think so little of, or are afraid to address, are the very things that God has given us as keys to victory! You may think that you are the only person on the planet going through what you are going through. You may think that something you overcame is so simple, that it’s really not worth sharing (Testimony…? What testimony…?) Well sister, God says different!

You see, focusing on “me” is a weapon that the enemy uses to keep us from sharing things that can help someone else. You may not share what’s on your heart or mind because of fear, doubt, or unbelief; but someone needs to hear it.

So, we are simply writing you letters to say what we all often want to hide. We will write about struggles. We will write about pain. Most importantly, we will write about VICTORY!

We will write what’s on our hearts.

We will write what’s on our minds.

We will write whatever God gives us.

You may be thinking, “Why a letter?” Well, letters are powerful! The Bible is full of letters written to different groups of people. Check out the New Testament… letter after letter! We text, email, Skype, and all that jazz – but letters take time. That time allows us to reflect on what God has done, what He is doing, and what He eventually will do. Plus, we LOVE to write; it’s therapeutic!

(If you feel it in your heart, WRITE US BACK. We would love to feature responses from other sisters. All letters can be sent to dearsister8791@gmail.com.)

With Love,

Armeka and Shantae Carter





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